Event Design & Production Artist

Carlo has been at the helm of HUNDREDS of Upstate New York weddings since 1997. Having managed events for Black Tie Entertainment and the Historic Kallet Theater, he's beloved by his clients and brings rare passion and real experience to tailoring events.

As manager of Just Joe & Co., Carlo oversees planning and production for all events. He's also a veteran DJ, performing solo or alongside Joe!  Read more about him here.

Four Reasons to Hire Carlo

1.  Direction

As your MC, I'll deliver a natural and down-to earth performance, representing you & your families with both dignity and relevance

2.  Atmosphere

It's all about making the mood fit the moment! Like award shows, I keep guests engaged using subtle transitions in music and lighting

3.  Design

Totally tailored event planning and day-of coordination means that your ceremony & reception will FEEL as good as they LOOK!

4.  Artistry

Professional lettering for decorative signs, cards & invitations --done with a touch of elegance and entirely by hand!

beyond the music

I've been a DJ for over 20 years. But in 2008, when I began to focus solely on weddings, I realized quickly that my role in providing music was only a very small part of what makes a wedding a success...

I found myself asking clients the same questions as photographers and coordinators, and with the same goal: to make sure that EVERYTHING comes together smoothly, properly, and right on time!

It was simple... The more I knew in advance, the better results I could deliver!  So now, I had to rethink everything I knew --from the ground up! For 2 years, I took a break from music and delved into planning...

a fresh approach

First, I eliminated all the common traits of DJ's that served to only distract or disconnect guests. I avoided unnecessary use of the mic and stopped catering to trends and traditions. Now, each reception is unique containing nothing that feels forced or awkward.

For introductions, you won't hear anything cookie-cutter or styled after a sporting event. Rather, I focus on what keeps people present and involved, drawing from your unique histories, weaving together details to unveil a story YOUR guests will WANT to hear!

a change of focus

I invested in the same production elements as used on shows like "The Voice", such as wireless sound that's CLEAR -not loud- and reaches beyond walls, around corners, to other rooms --even outside-- so that everything can be heard at the right volume EVERYWHERE!

And while technology allows me to do great things, it should never occupy the spotlight. That's why I employ only a small production footprint --so that speakers and equipment take up no more room than a wedding cake!

I think you're gonna LOVE what you DON'T see!

I've been producing events for over 20 years, but I also offer other elements that can really set your day apart...

Love Letters

•  Bistro-bulbs provide warm, light-up decor
•  Four feet tall, stackable, and dimmable
•  Perfect for barns and ballrooms alike!

$333 with any package


•  16 ultra-low-profile, wireless fixtures
• Choose from over 100,000 custom colors!
• Transforms virtually ANY venue instantly! 

$444 with any package


• Lend a soft, warm glow to linen-covered tables
• Choose from over 100,000 custom colors!

$444 with any package

Your Name
In Lights!

•  Feature your names, initials or wedding date
•  Projected prominently on up to two surfaces

$333 with any package

Dance Floor FX

• Bring your party to life with real energy and impact!
• Slow fades, color changes, and pulsing to your music
• Your choice of roving spots, color-wash, or starry night!

$333 with any package


•  Highlight your centerpieces on up to 20 tables!
•  Your choice of warm natural or cool white tones

$444 with any package


Gorgeously Hand-Lettered

Guest Seating
• each guest written on a card  $1
• each guest written on glass/slate  $2
• table number/centerpiece quote  $11

Invitation Envelopes
• name & address (3-4 lines)  $2-$3
• name only/add return address  $1
• deluxe embellishments  $1

Ceremony & Cocktail Signs
menu/program/'welcome' sign
• small $22, medium $33, large $44
• extra large & custom cuts from $55+

standard turnaround time is 14 days (30 days april~november) • rush (7 days) add 30% • priority (3 days) add 50% • overnight (2x)
all sign projects include FREE 2-day rental of any in-stock boards • card & envelope pricing based on client-supplied stationery

extra charge for any special orders, textured/glossy surfaces, custom design, layout, color, font or ornamental embellishment

Photos On Demand

•  An ultra-high-quality photo booth experience
•  Scaleable for couples, selfies and large groups
•  Choice of either classic, modern or rustic backdrop
•  Share Shots by Text, plus instant uploads to Facebook!

2 payments of $444

We Don't
Say Cheese!

• Our small, interactive kiosk blends in anywhere!
• No crazy color-changing or inflatable contraptions
• An experience that focuses on PEOPLE --not props

Optional Add-Ons

• Premium UNLIMITED 4X6 frame-able prints for guests
•  Ultra-Fast Wireless Printing Kiosk guarantees NO LINES!
•  Deluxe Scrapbook with up to 200 high-res 4x6 prints

your choice $222 • buy 2 get 1 FREE!

I offer 3 levels of event planning:

1.  Just A Touch

Practical Helps for the D.I.Y. Bride :)

•  Strategic Planning & Budget Review
•  Venue and Vendor recommendations
•  Help Developing Your Day's Timeline
•  90-minute 1-on-1 creative session
•  Unlimited Q&A by Text or Email

FREE with any music package
regular price: $555

2. Ten & Two

Hands-On Help to Steer Your Day

•  Host-Attendant for Your Bridal Party
•  Personalized Planning & Budget Review
•  Assistance with Booking Venue & Vendors
•  Total Development of Your Day's Timeline
•  TWO 90-minute Creative Planning Sessions
•  Unlimited Q & A by Text, Email and PHONE

50% OFF with any music package
normally 2 payments of $555

3. Total Control

All Hands On Deck for ZERO Stress

•  Dedicated Day-of Coordination Staff
•  Personalized Planning & Budget Review
•  Venue & Vendor Contracts & Interviews
•  Total Development of Your Day's Timeline
•  UNLIMITED Creative Planning Consultations
•  Unlimited Q & A by Phone, Text Email & VIDEO
•  FREE Rehearsal Walk-Thru + Dinner Meet & Greet
•  FREE Round-Trip Travel up to 1 Hour at 2 locations

50% OFF with any music package!
normally 4 payments of $555

Special thanks to Ryan H, Kammer Films., Empire West, and The Story Photography for use of their images throughout this site

" There was never a forced or awkward moment when he was in charge.  Everything just sort of happens the way it should! "


"I had absolutely no idea the impact Carlo would have on my wedding!  Do yourself and your guests a favor and book him NOW!"



Flawlessly produced on location!

•  For any size wedding venue - indoors or out
•  Prelude music already playing as guests arrive
 •  Battery-powered sound system stays out of view
•  Wireless mic for your vows, readers & officiant
•  Day-of coordination to ensure timing & cues
•  Perfectly-timed procession & egress music

Your ceremony is FREE when combined with any music and planning package at the same location.


Start off Right the Night Before!

•  Attendant to Walk Thru Your Entire Ceremony
•  Important Songs Played for Proper Timing
 •  Sound Test for Vows, Readers & Officiant
•  Coordinator to Meet & Greet Your Families
•  Background Music for Your Rehearsal Dinner
•  Optional Slideshow & Shoe Swap Segments

Your rehearsal is FREE with our Top Tier planning package or add to any other package for just $555

My Story

Inspired by local entrepreneur Joe Trionfero, I launched  'DJ By Design' in the fall of 1997. Training in workshops and scouting new talent, I expanded and formed new creative departments centered on lighting, decor, videography and planning.

With such diverse offerings, we saw fit to rebrand, and as 'Syracuse Weddings', we experienced rapid growth. My staff would eventually go on to manage film sets, TV shows, and concert tours --nationally! Proud, I never anticipated the success our company would become, nor the toll such success would take...
Looking back, my family sacrificed much. And while far from retiring, I decided to downsize and close my storefront. A few months into 2017, I met with renown musician Joe Altier and discovered we both shared a longing for balance between work and home life. Soon, we decided to partner up for live music and events.

We are incredibly blessed to do what we love, owing an immense thanks to our clients and fans, but especially to those who make it all worthwhile: my wife Catherine, Joe's daughter Abri, and our ridiculously affectionate mascot, Mr. Doo!


1.     Do You Take Requests?   Of course!  I plan your event's soundtrack side-by-side with you!  You'll let me know your must-haves,  do-not-plays, and what level of control you'd like your guests to have. I'll advise you as to what I've seen work and what I know doesn't, but ultimately I cater to YOUR taste in music!

2.     Do You Bring An Assistant?   Always!  Between setup, timing and cues, lighting and helping guests at your photo booth, my assistant is a reliable resource at every reception!  And while exceedingly rare, in the event of an emergency that prevents me from hosting as planned, I can count on their experience to see your event through!

3.     How Do You Dress?   For formal events, I dress accordingly, usually black on black or with neutral-tones, with or without a complimenting vest. For rustic and outdoor events, my attire consists of a collared shirt or black polo. No matter what, I always dress with dignity, respect, and appropriateness to the occasion.

4.     Why Do You Charge More?   I don't cut corners or take chances on the results I deliver! I've invested over $30,000 to achieve the highest possible production standard. Plus, to maintain my business, more than HALF of my rate goes toward overhead, taxes, insurance, and a proper wage for my staff.

5.     Will You Hold My Date?   I will hold any specific date requested until 7pm the day following your initial inquiry to give you time to make arrangements for your deposit (which counts toward your balance.)  No commitments are valid, however, until you get a receipt confirming your online payment and/or a countersigned contract.

6.     Do You Offer A Discount?   Many!  When you book (1) an off-peak date, such as weekday, or a Friday or Sunday on a non-holiday weekend.  (2) a non-Holiday date between November 15 and April 1, or (3) when you use a preferred venue or vendor, or (4) pay in full at the time of your deposit -- Bottom line, if I save money, YOU do too!

7.     What is Your DJ & MC Style?   I believe in a smooth mix, playing the track that best fits the moment. I speak on the microphone only when appropriate, such as to make any necessary announcements and keep guests informed.  I never stream or rely on Wi-Fi for music, but bring backups of everything from songs to equipment, just in case!

8.   Do you Have Any References?   Yes! I have dozens of 5-star reviews on WeddingWire from the past 10 years!  I've also worked with hundreds of vendors and venues that will attest to my performance.  If you'd rather know first hand, I have video of several past events that I'd be delighted to show you when we meet, before you book!