A Totally NEW Take
on an old IDEA

Joe took dedicating a song on the radio to someone special and combined it with the concepts of a singing telegram and a band on the run!  It's called a Love-O-Gram. Learn more in the video!
Joe offers 4 kinds of LOVE-O-GRAMS:

•  The Classic  (1 song, live, in-person)
•  A Concert for One  (recorded album)
•  An Online Dedication (on Facebook)
•  A Brand New Song (Written by Joe)

" Oh MY God!  It was PERFECT! "

Shiela B. - Surprised Wife of Kevin

" Just when I thought my husband was out of surprises! "

Francesca - Proud Wife of James

The Classic Love-O-Gram

The Original  •  From $149

•  Choose any song from Joe's catalog of over 5,000 songs!
•  Joe arranges to surprise your loved one LIVE on location
•  Joe's piano and vocal style remain true to the original
•  Travel, performance and advance preparations included
•  Non-holiday calendar dates require only 2-3 days notice

Add Special Somethings

Get candy and flowers for Joe to deliver personally! From $19 to $49

Get It All On VIDEO!

Get our film crew to shoot and edit the whole thing!  From $99 to $299

A Concert for ONE

Starting at just $99

An intimate collection of 3-5 handpicked songs from Joe's Catalog sets the stage for this romantic, modern mixtape --with a twist!  After Joe's introduction, he plays and reveals details about you, the sender, and tells a story about how you approached him for this specially planned performance. It closes out with a personal message from you recorded in your voice!  Arrangements can usually be made in just a few days

Upgrade & Make it a Live Concert VIDEO!!!

Our film crew will shoot and edit the entire performance, including bonus footage of rehearsal, and you the sender, sitting down and planning every last detail!  From $149

An Online Dedication

Just $49

•  Dedicate your choice of any song in Joe's 5,000+ Catalog
•  Joe plays and sings to your loved on LIVE on Facebook!
•  Get a permanent link to tag and share with friends online
•  Can be arranged in less than 24 hours - often same day!

<< - watch this sample online dedication


A Brand NEW Song!!!

If you REALLY wanna go over the top, don't just PICK a song... HAVE JOE WRITE ONE!!!   He'll interview you one-on-one, collecting details about your loved one. He then writes lyrics from your shared history and life experiences, and sets it to music!  It's the most uniquely intimate gift you can give - all within a couple weeks!  Check out the two samples below!

• $299  written, performed & uploaded
•  $399  with classic loveogram ($50 off)
 •  $499  professional in-studio recording


HOW DOES A LOVE-O-GRAM WORK?    Joe's manager, Carlo, makes all the advance arrangements in person or by phone, acquiring permission, getting legal releases and access to the property so that all goes according to plan. Any family or co-workers who will be present for the performance will be notified in advance and given an opportunity to participate or opt-out.
WHAT SONGS DO YOU PLAY?    In a word, any!  Joe knows over 5,000 songs by heart!  There's no extra charge for ANY song Joe doesn't have to rehearse. Joe will learn any mainstream song he hasn't played before for just $49.  But if it's an especially difficult song, doesn't have sheet music available, or has an unusually difficult vocal arrangement, an additional $99 fee applies.
WHAT DO I GET WHEN I HIRE YOU FOR VIDEO?    Our camera crew will shoot, curate, and edit all the footage, incorporating only your loved one's "best side" so nothing appears unflattering. You'll get Joe's entire performance, plus clips captured in preparation, interviews with onlookers, and outtakes of the surprise moment --all usually delivered in about a week
ARE THERE ANY OTHER COSTS?    Whenever a Love-O-Gram is scheduled to take place at a crucial time or location, an $49 service fee allows Joe to hire prep staff to facilitate the surprise. Likewise, on Holidays, when up to 20 Love-O-Grams are often arranged over 18 hours, Joe must hire added staff to arrange setup and transport, so an additional $49 service fee applies.
WHEN IS PAYMENT DUE?    Since booking staff and rentals is necessary beforehand, all Love-O-Grams must be paid for in full, in advance, before any rehearsals or arrangements are made
WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG?    If for any reason Joe is unable to gain access, is sick or hospitalized, or is otherwise unable to play, or if the one we're performing for is absent, late, or otherwise prevented from seeing or participating in the love-o-gram, Joe will arrange for a rain check performance at the next available opportunity, but at no time can we issue a refund.

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