Why Just Joe & Co.?






...all at absolutely NO added cost!

We offer 4 simple event packages

From music for a private party to elaborate weddings... all packages include free travel, setup, online planning & wireless mic for toasts

The Solo

for a small, casual or intimate reception

•  Your choice of DJ -or- Live Piano & Vocals by Just Joe
•  Up to 5 hours of music & guest requests thru 10pm
•  Sound coverage for up to 120 people at one location
•  Pick from 5,000 known songs or a custom DJ playlist

$1850 off-season or paid-in-full
or 4 payments of $555

The Duo

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

•  Live Music by Just Joe *AND* a DJ dance party!
•  Sound coverage for up to 200 people at one location
•  Just Joe's Piano & Vocals for cocktail hour and dinner
•  Music, intros & announcements up to 5 hours or 10pm
•  FREE Ceremony music & sound coverage at same-site

$2750 off-season or paid-in-full
or 6 payments of $555

The 'POP'

our most popular bundle of music & light!

•  Live Music by Just Joe *AND* a DJ dance party
•  Ideal sound for 100-300 people at up to 2 locations
•  Wireless satellites carry sound to remote venue areas
•  Piano & Vocals throughout cocktail hour and dinner
•  DJ & MC introductions and announcements till 10pm
•  Choice of lighting decor & dance floor illumination
•  Sound coverage for your ceremony ANYWHERE!

$3250 off-season or paid-in-full
or 7 payments of $555

The TOP!

SAVE $2000 off EVERYTHING we do!

•  The Ultimate combo of Live Music and a DJ dance party!
•  Complete sound for any size crowd in up to 3 locations
•  Total wireless sound coverage throughout your venue
•  Ceremony music & microphones for your vows & officiant
•  Event management, intros & announcements thru 11pm
• Photo booth & choice of rustic, posh or sequin backdrop
• UNLIMITED full-size 4x6 prints plus scrapbook & attendant
  • UNLIMITED choice of any or all of our elegant light decor
• Framed reception seating arrangement done by hand!
• Simply the best deal in Upstate New York for ALL this!

$3750 off-season or paid-in-full
or 8 payments of $555

Love Letters

•  Nearly 4 feet tall, stackable + dimmable
•  Bistro-bulbs for warm, light-up decor
•  Perfect for barns and ballrooms alike!
•  FREE with our 'POP' or 'TOP' package!


• Transform any venue decor instantly!
• Two Dozen Wireless, Low-Profile fixtures
• Freely adjust colors whenever you wish!
•  FREE with the 'POP' & 'TOP' or just $555

Dance Floor Illumination

• Add atmosphere and energy to any event!
• Bathe your dance floor in colors to match your theme
• Controlled effects can be subtle or striking. You decide!
• Included at no cost with the 'DUO' package and higher!

Your Name In Lights!

•  Choice of All-Digital or Hand-Lettered Calligraphy
•  Feature Your Names or Initials and Wedding Date!
•  Custom Text and Image Projection also available
•  FREE with the 'POP' & 'TOP' packages or just $333

Photos On Demand!

• Tag Shots Instantly Online or Share by Text!
• Super Fast & Low Profile - Blends in Anywhere!
• Choice of Posh, Brick, Rustic or Sequin Backdrop
• Included FREE with the 'TOP' or add for just $888

Hand-lettered Signs

Unique hand-lettered framed-seating charts on glass
plus FREE accent lighting and weekend frame rental.
Ask for a quote or get your whole event done for $888

See more samples of our calligraphy, here.

Your Very Own Song

•  Written, Rehearsed + Recorded LIVE at Joe's Studio
•  Lyrics based on your unique history as a couple
•  Played LIVE the first time on Your Wedding Day
•  FREE Autographed DVD Highlights + Memento
•  Pricing starts at just $555 with any package

Day of Coordination

Kelly is your personal attendant, dedicated to keeping your wedding organized and on-time. She oversees everything from setup and decor to greeting guests and double checking every last detail so you can thoroughly enjoy your day!
$555 for a collaborative assistant - $999 for all-inclusive day coordination

Caricatures On Demand!

Our resident sketch artist, Carrie, creates stunning semblances of you and your guests in less than 5 minutes! Get 50 sketches over 2 hours for $333 or UNLIMITED ALL-DAY 'til 10pm for $555! Large, color & group options available!

Remote Coverage

Reinforce any large, outdoor, or multi-room venue with wireless coverage for up to 500 to hear vows, music, toasts or important announcements! Just $333 for large indoor events and $555 for off-the-grid coverage and wireless mic's at an off-site ceremony

"There's NOTHING Out There Like What They're Doing!"

c a i l e y   +   k a r l

"They Knew EXACTLY What to Do And When to Do It!"

k e n d r a   +   j a m e s

"Everything Came Together
Just The Way It Should!"

s u e   n e e   +   k e v i n

"They Handled EVERYTHING
with REAL Organization"

c h e l s e a   +   m i c h a e l

"They CLEARLY Know
What They're Doing!"

 g a b r i e l l e   +   a l e c

"Like HOLY #@%*!!
They Are Amazing!"

s a m a n t h a   +   j o e

For the Love of Music

Joe knows over 5,000 songs by heart!  If he doesn't know you song, he'll learn it!  DJ Carlo spins every genre from every decade!  Your requests are guaranteed!

Read an article about Joe here.   •   Meet DJ Carlo here.


A:   We cater primarily to formal events, which are often booked a year or more out.  We will however book small, private parties within 60 days of the requested date with our basic package...

• non-stop music for up to 4 hours
• choice of DJ -or- live musician
• sound coverage for up to 100
• travel up to 1 hour included

2 payments of $555


1.   What's included?    All equipment, planning and preparation involved with your event comes standard at no extra cost!  You get non-stop music with no breaks for 4-6 hours based on your package, plus FREE round-trip travel up to 1 hour! Some even include lighting or a photo booth!

2.   What about the ceremony?    With package 2, there's no added charge for your ceremony when it takes place on the same property, in the same room or tent, using the same equipment installed for your reception. Package #3 covers a ceremony anywhere up to 30 minutes from your reception.

3.   Who actually handles my event?    Depending on the level of production required, between 2 and 4 staff are assigned to each event . Joe himself performs whenever contracted for LIVE music. Carlo manages planning and production and is also one of three DJ's capable of hosting your event!

4.   How do payment plans work?    Your first payment retains our company and its resources for the date you request. Payments are due in 30, 60, or 90 day installments based on how far in advance you book. Tax is then added to your final payment, which is due 30 days prior to your event.

5.   Do you offer discounts?    Booking one of our packages is required to reserve a Friday, Saturday or Sunday date during peak wedding season (April 15 through Nov. 15).  At all other times, we book smaller, solo, and casual events UP TO 50% OFF, depending on your needs and our availability.

6.   Are there any restrictions?    Each event includes one setup and one tear-down of equipment per location (room, hall, or tent.)  Systems cannot be moved or reinstalled during an event. Additional fees and terms may apply to extremely remote or all-outdoor locations. Events must conclude by 10pm. All services are subject to availability and discretion.

7.   How far will you travel?    While we cater primarily to Central New York, we'll go anywhere! Whenever we travel further than 2 hours from Syracuse, we require lodging at or near your venue, which is billed at actual cost or $444, whichever is greater. Destination or out of state events considered on a case by case basis.

8.   What can I expect from you?   We return calls and emails usually within 1 business day. We show up a minimum of 90 minutes in advance of each event and see it through, adapting to any changes and challenges. We dress and conduct ourselves appropriate to your occasion and never drink, dine, or use devices not related to your event while in view of your guests.

9.   What about emergencies?   We take all possible precautions! Our assistants, who are professional sound & lighting technicians, will reach out to you before your event should anything befall us. Each has a copy of your day-plan and recorded versions of any songs you requested Joe to perform, which are prepared in advance for this very reason.

10.   Do your bring backup equipment?   Always! We've invested over $30,000 in redundant sound and lighting systems that allow us to continue performing even in the event of a technical failure. Plus, all our gear is battery-powered and runs in tandem, so there's virtually no downtime! In fact, if there were ever an outage, you probably wouldn't notice!

See Joe Do... What He Does Best!

If you've never seen Joe perform, check out these music videos of two classic songs completely re-imagined!
Special thanks to Kammer Films

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