DJ  •  MC  •  Designer  •  Calligrapher

A renown artist, planner, and entertainer, Carlo has been at the helm of hundreds of Syracuse-area events since 1997. Hosting weddings for Black Tie Entertainment, the Historic Kallet Theater, and now Just Joe & Co., he brings rare passion and real experience for tailoring events so unique that each looks and feels like none before!

As manager of Just Joe & Co., Carlo hosts events alone or alongside Joe!  You can also hire him to letter projects by hand!

Why Hire Carlo?

A Perceptive DJ

With a selection of music tailored to your crowd, Carlo employs a smooth, subtle mixing style, centered around playing the right track at the right time.

A Down-to-Earth MC

Over many years, Carlo has developed a warm, natural approach to hosting events using a modest, yet engaging delivery that is always relevant.

A Detailed Planner

With over 900 events to his credit, Carlo's careful coordination, insightful design, and delicately personalized touches can be both seen and felt!

An Exceptional Artist

Developing a love for calligraphy from an early age, Carlo lends his creativity to lettering rustic signs and invitations entirely by hand!

Totally Tailored Events

Many scoff at the notion of hiring an MC for their wedding as far too many have had to endure inappropriate humor, auctioneer or sports-announcer antics ...or worse! This is simply not the case with Carlo.

Here you'll see and hear him deliver a scripted introduction of a recent wedding party. Arranged long in advance with the bride and groom and conducting himself seemingly unrehearsed, Carlo warms to every guest with interactive details, unique to each person welcomed in to the room.

Carlo gives EVERY moment of your day the very same personal touch!

You're Gonna LOVE This!

One celebrated aspect of my new approach is the strikingly MINIMAL footprint I now occupy at events, taking up less room than some wedding cakes!  At first glance, some might wonder "Will this enough for my dance floor?", or "Can guests hear my speeches?"  And the answer is a most-assuredly "Yes!" ...But how?!

I've invested in the same technology used on shows like "The Voice." for the best possible wireless audio through walls, around corners, in multiple rooms --even outside!  You'll enjoy a rich acoustic environment that's clear and at just the right volume --wherever your guests may roam -- and all at NO added cost!


Tailored, Hosted & Mixed LIVE!

•  World-Class Event Management & Personalized Intros
•  Ultra-Low-Profile Setup with Ideal Sound for up to 250!
•  Non-stop music lasts ALL DAY thru 11PM for One Price!
•  Wireless Microphones for guest-of-honor speeches
•  Travel included to most venues at no added cost!

Packages, pricing and options can be found below


Reliable Sound • Indoors or Out

•  Crystal-clear coverage suitable for up to 250!
•  Unobtrusive, wireless, battery-powered system
•  Microphones for your vows, readers & officiant
•  Prelude music playing as your guests arrive
•  Special entrance music plays right on cue
•  Travel to an off-site location included

Your ceremony is FREE when on the same property, in view of your reception with no additional production necessary, otherwise just $299

I've been mixing music for over 20 years, but I offer a few other elements that can also really set your event apart...

Love Letters

•  Nearly 4 feet tall, stackable + dimmable
•  Bistro-bulbs for warm, light-up decor
•  Perfect for barns and ballrooms alike!

FREE with Premiere Bundle
or as a rental for $349


•  20 ultra-low-profile, wireless fixtures
• Choose from over 100,000 custom colors!
• Transforms virtually ANY venue instantly! 

FREE with Premiere Bundle
or as a rental for $599


• Lend a soft, warm glow to linen-covered tables
• Choose from over 100,000 custom colors!

FREE with Premiere Bundle
or as a rental for $399

Your Name
In Lights!

•  Feature your names, initials or wedding date
•  Projected prominently onto any surface

FREE with Premiere Bundle
or as a rental just $349

Dance Floor FX

• Bring your party to life with impact effects!
• Controlled fade on slow songs and pulses to party music
• Choice of color spray, starry night sky, or double disco ball!

Get all 3 FREE with Premiere Bundle
or rent individually for $299

No-Frills Photo Booth

•  Share photos by text or on social media in real time
•  Wedding-friendly setup -- takes up very little room
•  A handful of quality props means NO long lines!
•  Choice of classic, rustic, or modern backdrop!
•  Optional full-size UNLIMITED '4x6' PRINTS!

FREE with Premiere Bundle
or as a rental from $799

Add unlimited prints $199  •  Scrapbooking $99


Gorgeously Hand-Lettered

•  Elegant Seating Charts on Glass or Mirror
•  Rustic Chalkboard Signs for Ceremonies
•  Programs & Dinner Banquet Menus
•  Addressed Invitation Envelopes
•  Table, Seating & Escort Cards

custom projects from $59/hr.
$100 credit with Premiere Bundle!

Recap all my offerings & packages below

" There was never a forced or awkward moment when he was in charge.  Everything just sort of happens the way it should! "


" I had absolutely no idea the impact he would have on my wedding, so do yourself and your guests a favor and book him now! "


Signature Reception

All-Day Music ••• For Just One Price!

•  Premium sound at any venue for up to 250
•  Tailored mix of music for cocktails & dinner
•  Event coordination with personalized intros
•  Wireless microphone for toasts + speeches
•  Classic Non-Stop DJ Dance Party until 11PM
•  FREE 2 hours of round trip travel

4  payments of  $444

tax, options, and long distance extra

Premiere Bundle

SAVE $1000 OFF EVERYTHING including 

•  Includes all aspects of My Signature Package
•  Plus choice of any or all elegant lighting options
•  Photo booth, props, backdrop and instant uploads
•  $100 toward your choice of hand-lettered calligraphy
•  FREE travel anywhere throughout Upstate New York
•  Check out the quick sample video just below!

5  payments of  $555

tax + long distance extra

Special thanks to Ryan H, Kammer Films., Empire West, and The Story Photography for use of their images throughout this site


1.     DO YOU TAKE REQUESTS?   Of course!  We'll plan your soundtrack together!  You'll let me know your must-haves and do-not-plays, as well as how much control you'd like your guests to have. I'll advise you based on my experience as to what works and what doesn't, but ultimately I cater to YOUR taste in music!

2.     DO YOU HAVE AN ASSISTANT?   Always!  Between setting up and coordinating timing and cues, controlling lighting and helping guests at your photo booth, my assistant is a reliable resource at every reception!  And while exceedingly rare, in the event of an emergency that prevents me from hosting as planned, I can count on their experience to see your event through!

3.     HOW DO YOU DRESS?   For outdoor and rustic venues, my attire consists of a collared shirt, neutral vest, and tie (if fitting.)  For ballrooms, I dress accordingly, wearing a formal black or neutral suit coat, with or without a complimenting vest and tie. No matter what, I always dress with dignity, respect, and appropriate to the occasion.

4.     WHY DO YOU CHARGE SO MUCH?   I never cut corners or take chances on the results I deliver! That's why I've invested over $30,000 in systems that maintain the highest possible standard for sound, lighting, and images!  Plus, to run a legitimate operation, more than HALF of my fee goes toward taxes, insurance, and a proper wage for my assistant.

5.     SO YOU CARRY INSURANCE?   Absolutely!  I'm covered up to $1M for comprehensive liability, theft, and damage, whether caused by guests, the venue or another vendor. I maintain that you should never hire a vendor who isn't insured, as legitimate businesses ALWAYS seek to cover both themselves AND their clients!

6.     WILL YOU HOLD MY DATE?   Once you request to book a specific date, I will hold it until 7pm the day following your initial inquiry to give you time to make arrangements for your deposit (which counts toward your balance.)  No commitments are valid, however, until you get a receipt confirming your online payment and/or a countersigned contract.

7.     DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?   Many!  ...when you book an off-peak date, such as weekday, or a Friday or Sunday on a non-holiday weekend, or a date between November 15 and April 1, or when you use a recommended vendor or local venue, or pay in full at the time of your deposit -- Wherever I save, YOU save!

8.     WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU PLAY?   Everything!  I'm a fan of nearly every genre.  If you want a song I don't own, I'll obtain it at NO cost to you. Period!  I don't trust technology, however, which is why I never stream audio from an online source. Rather, I bring duplicate equipment and backup copies of every song I own - nearly 140,000 as of 2018!

9.     HOW LONG DO YOU PLAY?   My packages include a flat rate for up to 8 hours, allowing you to book me exclusively so that I can focus on YOUR event! However, because of the needed time for teardown, travel, and next-day bookings, all my events conclude by than 11PM.  An exception can always be made, but only upon request and well in advance.

10.   DO YOU HAVE ANY REFERENCES?   Yes! Read over 80 five-star reviews on WeddingWire from couples of the past 10 years!  I also work with a number of vendors and venues that I'd be delighted to have you talk to!  If you'd rather know first hand, let's meet and I'll play video from past events and demo in-person anything you'd like to see before you book!


As an entrepreneur, I understand all too well the struggle that small businesses experience when it comes to the changing nature of advertising, reaching new customers, retaining loyal ones, making an impact and turning a profit. That's why I consult part-time for and assist other area business owners with getting their product, menu, staff and storefront both up to date and successful.

My approaches to social media, marketing, staff sales & training are each effective and verifiable, but also affordable and refreshingly unaggressive. Want to know more? Reach out and let's meet! In the meantime, here are a few professional references to consider...

•  Syracuse Weddings LLC
•  Films By PS & Co.
•  Mo's BBQ

I also contribute to a blog reviewing local dining establishments!  You can find it here..,

A Sharing Spirit

I don't believe in competition. That's why from being a DJ to planning a wedding, EVERY single thing I do I also teach in workshops as well as one-on-one! So, whether you want to learn my craft, start a business, or need help with an existing project, I offer my services both short-term and ongoing!

Learn Calligraphy!

I hold monthly classes in hand-lettering as well as "...with a twist" workshops from November to April every year. Groups are small, usually no more than 8, fit for any age from 6 to 66! Classes can be public at a library or restaurant or private parties hosted in your home!  Don't think you can do it? I've taught children who can barely print to letter awards for their school in as little as two weeks!  Curious yet? Click below for details!

My Story

Inspired by local entrepreneur Joe Trionfero, I launched  'DJ By Design'  in the fall of 1997. Training in workshops and scouting new talent, I expanded and formed new creative departments centered on lighting, decor, and candid videography.

With such diverse offerings, we saw the need to rebrand, and as 'Syracuse Weddings', we experienced rapid growth. My staff would eventually go on to work concert tours, TV shows --even films!  Proud, I never anticipated the success our company would become, nor the toll such success would take.
Looking back, my family sacrificed much for this career of mine. And while not the end, putting first things first, in 2018, I decided to close my storefront. Not long after, I discovered renown musician Joe Altier had a similar craving for balance between work and homelife, so we partnered up as 'Just Joe & Co.' for live music and events, starting in 2019.

We are incredibly blessed to do what we love, and owe immense thanks to our clients and fans, but especially to those who make it all possible... my wife Catherine, Joe's daughter Abri, and our ridiculously affectionate mascot, Mr. Doo!

" There's really nothing out there like what Joe & Carlo are doing... bringing the very best in live music together with a quality DJ experience and all the extras at a great price! "

-  S A M A N T H A    G .