Get access to EVERY SONG Joe has EVER COVERED commercial free on up to 3 devices for a one-time fee of just $25!  That's less than 10 cents a song!

Joe will also release special bonus passes twice a year for those who have previously bought a code to download all his new tracks at no additional charge!



Within 1 business day of your payment, we'll send you a link with a 3-day access code. With it, you'll be able to download as many songs as you wish until your code expires at midnight on the third day.

Future access cannot be issued without purchasing another code so please save and back up your tracks before your code expires! We recommend you do so connected to Wi-Fi, as each track averages 5MB and can eat up data quickly!

Please note that you are paying for site access only and that you do not own any of the media you're downloading. You do NOT have the right to copy, upload, transfer to devices belonging to someone else, or share your code!

Each track costs Joe out of pocket to produce and the fee being charged barely covers the cost to host the files online. So please, as this is being done to give back to Joe's fans, be honorable and respect these terms.

Your code will be sent to the email you use when paying.

Having trouble? Got a question?
Send us an email. We'll sort it out!


You get access to Just Joe's entire catalog of all 250+ cover songs. You have until midnight the day after you receive your code by email to download as many songs as you wish on up to three of devices that you own, such as a PC, tablet and mobile phone.

WHAT ABOUT FUTURE RELEASES?   Throughout the year, Joe will release special passes to all those who have previously purchased one so that they may obtain all new releases at absolutely no charge!

WHY IS THERE A TIME LIMIT?   Due to the number of files being hosted and the bandwidth required to host the files, the limitation guarantees that the site can handle the number of users downloading songs at one time. Additionally, an expiration of each code curtails potential abuse.

CAN I GET AN EXTENSION?   You may email Joe's manager using the form above if you encounter any issues or are unable to download the songs you want during the time frame allowed. You are encouraged to back up your songs immediately.

CAN I DOWNLOAD FROM A CELL PHONE?   Yes, although we recommend using a computer due to space limitations. And no matter what device you use, consider downloading only when connected to Wi-Fi as each mp3 is sizeable and can eat up your data allowance quickly.

CAN I JUST GET ALL THE SONGS AT ONCE?   With nearly 1TB worth of content being offered and the need to support multiple users downloading at once, not to mention the loss of quality were we to compress the songs in a ZIP file, no, we cannot offer a single bulk file option at this time.

WHAT FILE TYPE ARE THE SONGS?   They are MP3's recorded in stereo at above the industry standard rate of 256kbps.  Originally extracted directly from HD video, each song was individually mastered by Joe himself for optimal playback on any device, especially when using headphones.

ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS?   You may not make, send or upload copies of any of the songs you download, nor are you allowed to share the access code you are given. Those caught doing so will be reported across social media and barred from any further provisions.

WHAT IF I WANT A REFUND?   Because you're buying timed access to a web page, and not the songs themselves. All sales are final. There are no refunds in any amount. Any complications encountered will be remedied with a newly generated code, not through monetary compensation.